Media Training
As former journalists in major markets, we know what approaches and techniques will be successful in the media and which are likely to fail.         Learn More                                        
Presentation Training
Being a competent presenter is essential to success in today’s business world. Every executive is called upon to deliver important messages to internal and/or external audiences.
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Crisis Communication
Our company has long experience in dealing with major crises for some of the world’s leading companies.
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Investor Communication
A company’s perception influences the way investors respond to it. We believe some companies are undervalued in the market simply because management doesn’t tell the story well enough.     Learn More


We have successfully designed and conducted many programs that fall outside the four core areas that we emphasize: media training, presentation training, crisis communication, and investor communication.
These programs include:

• Preparation for major sales presentations
• Coaching for critical one-on-one meetings with government officials
• Rehearsals for legal depositions and trial testimony
• And Investor Day presentations.

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My colleagues and I produce seminars that are the highlight of many conferences and conventions. Topics are varied and tailored to meet the interests and objectives of the sponsoring organization.

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The stakes are seldom higher, or the risks greater, for an executive and his or her company than testifying before a legislative or regulatory body. Millions of dollars are often at stake, along with the company’s reputation and the executive’s future.

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Custom Solutions

We often create training programs to meet special needs. We work with our clients to determine the goals of the program, the specific challenges they face, and any outside factors that need to be dealt with.

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