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F.A.Q. Your Questions Answered.

Q: What level of executives do you train?

A: The range is very broad, from CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to small business owners and leaders of non-profit organizations. Each gets plenty of individual attention and expert coaching.
Q: Who should be enrolled in your programs?
A: Anyone whose work requires speaking before a group, dealing with the media, or potentially being on the front lines in a crisis situation.  
Q: There are many companies in your field. What makes VS&A different?
A: The level of experience and expertise of our trainers.  
Q: How long are the training programs?
A: Most clients opt for one-day or two-day programs. Our sessions typically run from 9:00a to 4:30p. We also offer longer and shorter programs, based on client need and schedule availability.  
Q: How is the training day structured?
A: We customize every program we do, so it varies. However, all training programs begin with an orientation to our techniques and theories of communication, followed by extensive on-camera practice with immediate critiquing. Contact us for more specifics.  
Q: How many people can be trained at the same time?
A: We don’t put a hard cap on the number of training participants, but more progress is made in smaller groups. For large groups we often bring a number of trainers so we can break the group down into smaller training sessions, allowing for more specific instruction for each participant.  
Q: What is the cost of your services?
A: Pricing is based on the type of program, the length of the program, and the number of people trained. Please contact us for specific pricing for any type of program.  
Q: Does it cost more for you to come to us?
A: The training fees are the same. Travel costs are billed without mark-up.  
Q: What are the terms of payment?
A: We require a scheduling and development fee, payable in advance. The rest of the fees are billed after the session or sessions on a NET15 days basis.
Q: Can you provide references?
A: Yes, many. We provide them upon request.
Q: Do you guarantee confidentiality?
A: Absolutely. We have confidentiality agreements with many clients.  
Q: How do I know I'm getting the right program for my objectives?
A: The program will be planned in consultation with you and approved in advance by you.
Q: Can I watch the session?
A: We encourage public relations or corporate communications executives to attend the session.
Q: Suppose Virgil Scudder is not available on the date(s) I need training.
A: Virgil will provide an outstanding trainer such as Dick Kulp, whom many regard as the best in the business. In all cases, the trainer will be approved in advance by the client and coordinate the training with the client in advance.