“Your training, but more importantly, your encouragement helped me overcome a fear of public speaking. I am now asked to speak at industry group events and am frequently asked to speak internally here at (my company.) I know I get better each time thanks to you.
I’ve even encouraged my kids to get involved in forensics – it’s amazing to see their progress and to see them enjoy public speaking.”
Vice President
Global Industrial Manufacturer

“Virgil, what you do and your ability to do it in an inspiring manner is truly life-changing to the individuals you coach. And, that is remarkable.”
Communications Manager
Automotive Equipment Manufacturer

“Thank you on behalf of the Burberry team for an outstanding day of public speaking training. Everyone felt it was a very worthwhile experience and we are all practicing the techniques we learned.”

Robert Vignola
Executive Vice President

“Even though I received training from you almost 20 years ago, the methodology still works.”

Vice President
Major Trade Association

“Virgil Scudder & Associates is simply the best in the business.”

Steven Caldeira
President, International Franchise Association

“I’m not sure any one of us will ever know the true extent of the workshops’ positive impact on the kids, but I do know they will carry with them throughout their careers a bit of self-confidence most didn’t have before as well as presentation/public speaking skills and your worthwhile and useful tips.”

Executive Director
Youth Non-Profit Association

“By the end of the first earnings call after your involvement I felt our team’s performance was well above average for a billion dollar a year business and improving rapidly.”

Global Technology Firm

“You have been a tremendous coach to our senior management team.”

Vice President
Investor Relations
Major Soft Drink Bottling Company

“Thank you for all the great help you’ve given me over the years. You are the best.”

James M. Kilts
Author and Renowned CEO

“I felt confident and relaxed during the presentation since I was well coached and prepared.”

Major Cable Television Company

“Virgil Scudder and his team have done an exceptional job preparing our clients to deal with crisis situations. We have worked together on ‘war room’ simulations, in which clients learn crisis management techniques by working through real world emergencies, such as product recalls, industrial accidents or financial meltdowns. Our clients have come out of these workshops fully understanding the need to communicate clearly, completely and rapidly in difficult situations, and to ‘do the right thing’ for their customers, employees and investors.”

George McGrath
McGrath Business Communications
New York

“The training was the best I’ve ever had. You guys are even better than advertised.”

Bryan Morrow
Director of New Business

“You nailed it. People will be buzzing about the media skills workshop for a long time to come.”


“[The doctor’s] weakness, his speaking, is now his greatest strength thanks to your training.”

Georgia Academy of Family Physicians

“Virgil Scudder is to me today what Red Auerbach was during my playing days.”

Bill Russell
Former NBA great and Celebrity Speaker

“Virgil Scudder gets it! He and his colleagues understand the
dynamics of the client’s business and understand what the client
wants to accomplish.”

Eric Kraus
Chief Communications and Corporate Affairs Officer
Bacardi Limited

“Virgil Scudder is the rare exception to my personal rule about distrusting “outside experts.” He has a superb relationship with our senior management team that is built on superb coaching skills, outstanding and intuitive personal rapport with our top executives and an extraordinary grasp of our business and the unique communications strengths, skills and needs of the executives who run it.”

Peter Wilkes
Senior Vice President
Investor Relations & Executive Communications
Lionsgate Entertainment

“My compliments and gratitude for an exceptional media training workshop. One of the finest professional education programs I have ever attended.”

Executive Director
Ohio trade association