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Scudder Tells IR Pros “Walk the Walk”

By Dan Thomas Apr 15, 2013 "Too many businesses talk the talk but don't walk the walk," executive communication coach Virgil Scudder told about 150 investor relations officers at a conference in Hollywood, Florida, on June 11. Speaking at a TED-type seminar at the national conference of the National Investor Relations Institute, Scudder declared, "Credibility is a company's most valuable asset. Too many companies lose it because they say one thing while doing another." The most notable example in recent years, he said, was BP. ... Read more

Journalism and PR in Crisis Today, Says Top Media Coach

By Ellen Schulman August 4, 2013   (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - "Responsible journalism is in crisis today and so is pr; there's a tremendous loss of trust in both," veteran executive communication coach Virgil Scudder told a south Florida group yesterday. The author of World Class Communication: How great CEOs win with the public, shareholders, employees and the media, told the audience that journalists and public relations practitioners need to share a common master - integrity. "Integrity means dealing with honesty, candor and truth," ... Read more

In the C-Suite: The Long-Term Effects of a Controversial Action in Indiana

By Virgil Scudder Saying that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is having a bad year is like saying Boston got a little snow this past winter. Boston has since dug out. But Pence won’t be able to do the same for some time. A former Congressman, the conservative Republican left Washington in 2013 with a reputation as a media-savvy and stout defender of the news media’s rights. He was proud of his media-friendly image. But that image would not survive his future miscues. As 2015 approached, ... Read more


Being a competent presenter is essential to success in today's business world. Every executive is called upon to deliver important messages to internal and/or external audiences. The quality of the presentation often affects the success of the program or product. It's very simple: a good presenter tends to be perceived as a capable executive; a poor one is assumed to be a poor leader as well. With the right techniques and training, anybody can become an effective and persuasive speaker in a short ... Read more

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